C-System: Crude Oil/Fuel Oil Tank Cleaning System

Cleaning large Crude Oil Tank is problematic today due to large diameter of tank and quantity of the sludge inside the tank. In order to solve this problem, C-System is introduced in the tank cleaning market.

With capacity of 160M3 /Hour and other heavy unit such as decanter, high speed centrifuge we can clean the large crude oil tank from 50M diameter + in approximately less than 1 month. C-System is the tank cleaning system which can clean and recovery with Hybrid Tank Cleaning System.

Basically,?C- System (also all of Aoba's system) is closed system by breaking down the sludge by using nozzle. And there are 3 main cleaning procedures which are:

  1. Suction unit:
    Consists of a suction pump and vacuum pump to apply for sludge transferring and balance cleaning progress with capacity pump capacity of 120 m3/hr.
  2. Recirculation unit:
    Includes heat exchanger, hydro cyclone , and booster pump to separate sludge from the oil. In addition, the unit is apply to circulate the oil to break down the sludge and circulate the?media around the tank.
  3. Skimming unit:
    Is responsible for separation media is included with the solution and dried sludge from the smaller particle. There are also other equipment which are related such as nozzle and Pipes.
  4. Separation unit:
    Optional unit, in case then cleaning tank contain high level of sludge or viscosity. Separation
    unit will be introduce to speed up the cleaning process. The unit include Decanter and High speed centrifuge.

C-System is suitable for various white oil products such as:

  1. Crude oil
  2. Heavy black oil product such as heavy fuel oil, full range condensate etc.
  3. Slop oil
  4. Cracker bottom

Cleaning range:

C-System can clean up to 90 Meter of diameter of Tank*

Advantage of using C-System:

Safer: Non man entry during cleaning process and fully automatic system.

Faster: Simultaneous process.

Economic: Less operating cost and no heavy industrial units are included in the system.

Environmental friendly: Zero emission : Harmful vapor such as VOC (Volatile Organic Compound), hydrocarbon vapor and other chemical gases will not be release by close loop system.


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